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TV for Entertainment and Educational needs
Our most valued product the "Serenity Sleep Channel"®
a proven product for hospital, assisted living, all care facilities
For 20 years our company has been providing content and component products for across the board entertainment and  educational needs. ​​

One of our most proven products the "Serenity Sleep Channel" is used in hospital and care facilties for patients to enjoy. Nurses say their Alzheimers patients viewing nature, movies, sitcoms show that memories are not lost and television such as this can bring back the best memories.

"We are dedicated to produce quality TV for all our clients!"​​




  If you choose to have a serene channel the "Serenity Sleep Channel" is the answer. 
Our one time fee and you retain full ownership and video rights.

Information        Television

    Health       Education

​​You may also want to consider- 

Let us record your education and entertaiment owned material or choose content from our library.
Show  your own TV  channel from our hardware or your own PC.  This is one of the most inexpensive ways to have your own TV channel.  Installation is standard in most applications.

With a phone call let us assist what needs to be done. If you think the "Serenity Sleep Channel" is something you wish to consider it comes in many variations. Let us prepare a quote for you to review.
We can also come to you for an onsite evaluation.
  Channel  Creation
Once we determine what you want, number of channels, content, etc we can give you a quote with warranty standard or you may select additional features. 
Installation may be included if desired.
After we receive your purchase order a typical 1 channel build is 3 - 4 weeks. 
If you purcase a multichannel device it will come in a rack mounted chassi.
We can also work with you and accelerate the delivery process if needed.
   Give us 25 hours of material we will record and create your very  own channel.   All done in  3 - 4 weeks.
Installation (Option)
Installation is available on all our products and will come included (Most areas) on certain video packages. It may be added with any purchase. If you choose this option you will receive a 5 year parts / labor / advance replacement automatically.
  Serenity   Sleep
Serene 24 hour video, light classical music and some narration. Makes for the perfect relaxation channel.  Nurse's  say "The "Serenity Sleep Channel has brought positive results for our alzheimers patients"
  Health   Education
Health education and diabetes education typically makes up this channel but we will record whatever your desire
    Information   Channel
Information channel is typically made up of PowerPoint and client owned commercial footage for playback.  Additional  pre- made information slides are available with set- up 

Full off the shelf video playback systems which includes commercial grade broadcast player and content start at $2490.  This may vary once you determine what you would like in your design. Please contact us for design assistance and quotation.    

Video is also offered on "Deck of Cards" size hard drive. Use your own PC for output.

Contact Sales / Marketing                     (530) 836-1234

Broadcast Playback Only Devices

Serenity Sleep Channel multi hour content.  Playback set for 24 hour continued use.  HD Blue Ray to MPEG for full widescreen effect. Yosemite, Yellowstone, Glacier, Hawaii and more are included. Shown in HD with light classical music background and  some naration. All units are 24hr play. Client retains full video rights of this product. Capacity up to 3000 hrs.  
Serenity Sleep Channel ®  -  Broadcast Player, Licensed  video ownership. 

Independent Movie Channel - Broadcast Player, Channel is offered as a demo product. 

The Cartoon Channel - Broadcast Player, Channel is offered as a demo product.

CUSTOMER oWNED CONTENT- depends on how many hours to record, example; 20 hours recorded to our hardware can start as low as $1990 plug and play. 

 Products are manufactured in the USA

Playback Devices
 Broadcast hardware comes in       single to 4 channel variations
  Plug and Play to your -
Dish, Direct, Cable, on air system    

Channels on HD
​  Already playing your own content? Recieve your channel content on Hard Drive for transfer to your PC

Installation / On- Site Service
 Ask for installation upgrade and recieve  1 to 2 year on- site services with advance replace,ment option 

 Product installation  includes         5 years parts and Labor

                   Contact sales: 

              (530) 836-1234